How To Plan A Corporate Event

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We spend more than a third of our days in the office, and every once in a while, office morale might need a boost. Corporate events are a great way to create a positive work environment, and encourage employees to socialize and improve their working relationships with one another. However, whether you’re planning a corporate retreat, a seminar, a party to celebrate a new merger, or sending a beloved co-worker off into retirement, coordinating a party where your boss will be in attendance can be a little little stressful. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Decide on an appropriate theme

Depending on what you’re celebrating, a theme is a great way to make a party more fun and cohesive. It influences your food choices, the decor and even the kinds of activities you can do at the event. If you’re a little stuck for inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to source ideas and keep them organized. It’s like a digital party planning scrap book, filled with ideas and DIY guides. Remember that it’s important to keep the theme appropriate for the crowd you’re entertaining, so keep things office friendly. For instance, a black and white cocktail party is a great way to celebrate a successful deal – getting everyone together at Hooters to watch a football game, not so much.

Set your budget and stay organized

Now is the time for you to start using those killer research skills. Find how much you’re permitted to spend and start making inquiries with vendors and venues. Once you’ve got a few options, narrow down your choices. After you have your top contenders, meet them in person to sort out contracts. It’s likely that you’ll be planning this party in addition to your other work responsibilities, so it’s important that you stay absolutely organized. Keep track of the funds and emails that are coming and going, file and save any signed contracts or receipts, and have a spare copy of everything for the company records.

Consider hiring an event coordinator

Odds are that you’re reading this article and realizing how much work actually goes into planning a corporate event. There are a lot of things to organize and work through, and planning a party can actually turn into a second full time job that you don’t get paid for. That’s why it’s a great idea to consider hiring a professional event coordinator and incorporating that into your party budget. They can do pretty much anything, whether it’s just day of coordination to ensure things run smoothly, or help you plan the party from start to finish. They’re experts at helping you find vendors and ensuring you stay on budget. This will minimize your stress and help you focus on your day job, and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the event when the time comes.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed. After all, it makes more sense for professional party planners to plan your professional party. Give us a call if you need any help planning a corporate event in Portland, Oregon. Good luck and happy planning!

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