Dream Wedding at East Fork Country Estate

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At the end of March, an engaged couple were expecting a baby girl to be born.  Everything was going smoothly.   And then a beautiful baby girl was born to Karen and Marc.  The day they were coming home with their new bundle of joy, their house tragically burned down. Calls from a passerby and neighbors alerted the fire department but the home was destroyed, along with all of their memories and belongings.

Read their story as reported by Fox12 News here:  http://kptv.membercenter.worldnow.com/story/21802041/home-catches-fire-days-after-couples-new-baby-arrives

Since the story first appeared on the news, donations of household goods and other needed items have been pouring in.  The community in Damascus really came together to support this family.

Hearing of the story on the news and from friends in the area, a dream wedding was offered to the couple at East Fork Country Estate.  An area friend and realtor was also influencial in getting the family reestablished with other donations.  The NW Wedding Professionals group, headed up by Beverly Mason with Radiant Touch Weddings, was instrumental in getting donations for a dream wedding to give to the couple.  A Facebook request went live and within minutes vendors were offering almost every service and product for the wedding.

A neighboring venue, East Fork Country Estate, offered their venue for the wedding.  The gracious owners, Diana and Grady Abernathy just purchased their wedding venue property last October and have been making gorgeous improvements to the land and buildings.

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The team at Dream Team Events is so excited to be working on this amazing wedding for a truly deserving family.  Once each year we donate a service package if the need presents itself and we are so glad this year that we are working on this one.  It will be a gorgeous day and we are honored to be working with such talented and giving vendors.

We would like to thank the following vendors for their generous gifts for Karen and Marc’s Dream Wedding:

East Fork Country Estate

Radiant Touch Weddings

Chef Du Jour

Sophisticated Floral Designs

Cookies, Cupcakes & More

Barclay Event Rentals

Nylen Designs & Events

Cloud Nine Events

Crave Design

Bridge City Parking

NW Wed Pros

Adorned in Grace

High Fidelity Entertainment

The Prettiest You

Peak Light Studio

Heather Fitch Photography

We will see you at the wedding!  Watch the blog towards the end of September for photos and stay tuned for updates!





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4 Responses to “Dream Wedding at East Fork Country Estate”

  1. Beverly Mason July 18, 2013 at 8:39 pm #

    Can’t wait. The credit all goes to Diana Abernathy of East Fork County Estate. All her idea, not mine.

  2. Chelsea July 18, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

    Thanks Beverly! Credit goes to many people involved. Diana took the initiative for sure! Can’t wait for this beautiful wedding:)

  3. Beverly Mason July 21, 2013 at 2:06 pm #

    I didn’t mean to take credit from anyone else by that comment. I misread the Blog at first and thought it said it was my idea. Sorry. Yes, the idea and initial offer of venue was Diana. But what YOU have put together is just amazing. You are so good at what you do. Thank you for making this dream wedding a reality.

    • Chelsea July 22, 2013 at 9:38 pm #

      Yep. No problem. I knew what you meant! Lol! I just wanted to keep a blog update on progress and to let people who have contacted know what the plans are and who is involved. Everyone is doing an incredible job and I feel lucky to be part of it. Gifting a wedding is such an experience:) It makes my job truly fun. Thank you Beverly for keeping us all in the loop and keeping our networking together. We couldn’t do it without you and the amazing group we have.

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