Creative Gifts For Your Wedding Party

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So you’re planning your wedding, and you’ve picked a small group of friends and family to stand alongside you and your future spouse on your special day. As much as it is an honor for you to request someone being in your wedding party, it is something of an expensive responsibility for those that do accept the invitation. For the time leading up to your wedding, these people will be heavily involved and spending a lot of time and money being part of the celebrations.

Naturally you would like to get them a little something to say thank you, but want to go above and beyond a simple strand of faux pearls or posh cufflinks. Wedding party gifts should be personal and somewhat sentimental. After all, these people are sharing in one of the most important days of your life with you- a little thought and emotion definitely has its place here.
Buying gifts can be an arduous process at the best of times, so to take the hassle out of trying to find a thoughtful, affordable and practical gift for your wedding party members, we’ve made a short list of gift ideas for the guys and girls on your team.

For the girls

A Wedding Day Survival Kit
Bridesmaid clutch purse
Practical and thoughtful, a wedding day survival kit is a fun and thoughtful gift for your bridesmaids. Scour thrift stores or boutiques for a gorgeous vintage clutch, and fill it with a few wedding day essentials.  You could include a wedding day schedule,  lipgloss, a disposable camera, kleenex, wet-wipes, their wedding jewelry, and maybe even their favorite candy snack to keep their energy up. Don’t forget to place a little personal note inside for that sentimental touch. This gift is charming and practical and sure to be a hit with the girls.

Dressing Gowns
Bridal Party Robes
This is an elegant gift choice that every girl will enjoy. Nothing makes you feel more glamorous than donning a silky robe while you all get ready for the big day. Aside from it being a gift your bridesmaids will definitely use again, it has the added benefit of providing a really great look for your getting ready photographs. They’ll also remember you and the special memories you made together every time they wear it. Consider purchasing a bridesmaid robe that matches your wedding color scheme, and maybe even getting your wedding date embroidered on it. Girly, practical and classy. Perfect!

Champagne with Customized Labels
Bridesmaid champagne
You can’t truly celebrate without a little bubbly, right? Get your girls into the party spirit by gifting them a bottle of champagne with personalized label. Spunky and affordable, this bridal party favour is a simple DIY project with  a big smile payoff. There are tons of free, customizable printables to be found online. All you need is a little glue, and some glitter if you’re feeling festive!

For the guys 

Hip Flasks
Groomsmen Hip Flask
Everyone needs a space to store their liquid courage come ceremony day, so a personalized hip flask is a great option for your groomsmen. Offset this rugged gift by engraving the party member’s nickname onto the flask, along with the wedding date. Bottoms up!

Manly Shave Kit

Keep them looking razor sharp. Give them the gift of a clean shave with an awesome, old fashioned shaving kit. It’ll keep them looking tidy for the ceremony, as well as boost their man points.


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